2021 Premier League Challenge – Night 4

Points List

Below are the point values for picks made on Night 4 of the 2021 Premier League Challenge. Pick one result per match. Message your picks to @DartsRankings on Twitter, or by email to dartspowerrankings@gmail.com. If you’re right, you win the points for that pick. If you’re wrong or don’t make a pick, you lose 1 point.

Night 4

Dimitri Van den Bergh v Peter Wright
Van Den Bergh: 2.8
Wright: 2.12
Draw: 4.00

Jonny Clayton v Rob Cross
Clayton: 1.61
Cross: 4.33
Draw: 4.50

Jose De Sousa v Nathan Aspinall
De Sousa: 2.38
Aspinall: 2.50
Draw: 4.00

James Wade v Michael Van Gerwen
Wade: 5.10
Van Gerwen: 1.50
Draw: 4.70

Gary Anderson v Glen Durrant
Anderson: 1.28
Durrant: 7.50
Draw: 6.50

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