Darts Power Rankings, Top 25 Players – March 9, 2020

⬆︎11.Michael van Gerwen689⬆︎22
⬇︎12.Peter Wright673⬆︎4
3.Gerwyn Price630⬆︎13
4.Krzysztof Ratajski566⬆︎3
⬆︎25.Michael Smith543⬆︎3
⬆︎36.Gabriel Clemens532⬆︎17
⬇︎27.Ian White531⬇︎15
⬆︎28.Glen Durrant513⬆︎1
⬆︎29.Nathan Aspinall511
⬇︎510.Gary Anderson509⬇︎37
⬆︎111.Devon Petersen496⬇︎3
⬆︎212.Jason Lowe483⬆︎2
⬇︎513.Jose de Sousa481⬇︎40
⬆︎214.Chris Dobey480⬆︎13
⬇︎114.Danny Noppert480⬇︎5
⬆︎116.James Wade475⬆︎12
⬆︎117.Mensur Suljovic459⬆︎15
⬇︎318.Luke Humphries454⬇︎14
⬆︎319.Brendan Dolan445⬆︎11
⬆︎120.Jeff Smith442⬆︎7
⬇︎121.Jonny Clayton441⬆︎4
⬇︎322.Dave Chisnall437⬇︎6
23.Stephen Bunting422
⬆︎124.Steve Lennon404⬆︎3
⬇︎125.Jamie Hughes402⬇︎6
Matches played prior to March 9, 2020
◆ Added: Bunting
Dropped Out: West

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